About Sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah. Born and raised on Cape Cod, I now enjoy exploring my new home of Jersey City and working in public health in NYC. I first created realfoodwithsarah as a place to share my new found passion for fitness, health & nutrition and to stay accountable. I now enjoy sharing recipes and nutrition tips along the way.

If you love…

…you are in the right place!

I dedicate my love of cooking and nutrition to my mom, professional chef turned home cook. Growing up she cooked dinner every night and I can thank both of my parents for my love of foods from all different cultures. I’ll try anything and everything at least once 🙂

My food philosophy:

I believe that food is a story about people and culture and coming together. I believe that food is neither “good” nor “bad”. I believe that some foods fuel the body and others fuel the soul. I believe in whole, real foods that come from the earth and that quality ingredients are more important than the number of calories. I believe in transparency to allow consumers to make educated decisions. I believe every body and everybody has different needs and wants and nutritional approaches should be tailored to these individual qualities.

A few random facts:

  • Can’t live without wine and margaritas
  • I love an oat milk collagen matcha latte and a simple green tea
  • I have dessert almost every night (I LOVE dark chocolate)
  • Traveling is one of my biggest passions; I love exploring new places, meeting new people and experiencing new things

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