Air Fryer Frozen Seasoned Fries

These Air Fryer Frozen Fries are extra crispy and seasoned to perfection with the best homemade French fry seasoning.

A great side dish for homemade burgers. You can't go wrong with serving a burger with French fries.


– Frozen Fries – Salt – Garlic Powder – Onion Powder – Smoked Paprika

Place the frozen fries in a bowl with the spices and olive oil. Toss to coat the fries.


Air fry at 400 degrees F for 15–20 minutes. Shaking or flipping halfway through.


Sprinkle with flakey salt if desired, and serve immediately with your favorite dipping sauce.


Avoid overfilling the air fryer basket. In order to make food crispy, the air fryer needs enough space to allow the air to circulate.


Adjust the cook time based on the type of french fries you use. You can use any type of frozen French fry here, but the thickness of the cut will change the amount of time you'll need to cook.

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