Skinny Spicy Margarita Recipe

This Skinny Spicy Margarita recipe is going to be your go-to in the warmer months. It's lower in calories and low in sugar, yet equally delicious and refreshing. Make this healthier margarita in 5 minutes flat.


Kitchen Tools Needed

Knife Cocktail Shaker 2 Glasses Measuring spoons and cups: 1 ounce.

Flour Bowl

Salt the rim of your drinking glasses.

Muddle the cucumber, jalapeño and triple sec.

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Add ice, tequila, lime juice and agave, if using and shake to combine. Pour over rocks & enjoy!



Handle the jalapeño with gloves. Although jalapeño is low on the Scoville scale, it still contains capsaicin and can cause a burning sensation on the skin. Use caution when handling peppers and avoid touching your face. – Taste your jalapeños before muddling. Jalapeños can range from mild to very hot. This spicy margarita recipe calls for 1 small jalapeño, however, if your jalapeño is extraordinarily spicy, use half a jalapeño or even just a few slices. You can always add more, but you can't subtract. Taste before muddling to prevent yourself from making your skinny spicy margarita too spicy.

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