Frozen Strawberry Moscow Mule with Mint

Sweet and spicy strawberry moscow mules made with fresh mint and frozen strawberries are the perfect slushie drinks to help you cool down in the summer heat. Just make two or a pitcher to share!

Adding frozen fruit not only makes these frozen moscow mules fresher tasting, but also sweeter!


– frozen strawberries – vodka – limes juiced – ginger beer – mint leaves

Add all of the ingredients to a blender and blend on high until smooth.


Pour into two cocktail glasses and serve with a lime wedge and mint garnish.


Use a high-powered blender. High-powered blenders are much more powerful and capable of blending frozen drinks quickly without heating them up.


Add additional mint, ginger beer and lime juice to taste. As with any cocktail, adjust the ingredients called for to taste.

If you want a spicier ginger beer vodka cocktail, add additional ginger beer.

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