Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

This Easy Chicken Salad Recipe is full of flavor. Packed with sweet apples and crunchy celery, it's easy to make and super filling!


Cooked Chicken | Celery Apple | Dijon mustard Mayonnaise | Salt Black pepper | Lemon juice

Dice cooked chicken, celery and an apple into ½-inch pieces. Add them to a large bowl.


Add the remaining chicken salad ingredients to a bowl.


Mix everything together until well combined.

Serve on your favorite bread, over lettuce, in a wrap or as is.

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Can I freeze chicken salad? This chicken salad recipe can be frozen however, I wouldn't recommend it. Mayonnaise doesn't stand up very well to freezing and will separate when thawed. If you want to freeze this salad do so before adding the mayo. Can this be made without mayo? Yes. If you don't like mayo or prefer not to use it, you can replace it with Greek yogurt or sour cream.