BBQ Chicken Nachos

These BBQ Chicken Nachos are layered with crispy tortilla chips, gooey cheese, shredded BBQ chicken, and the best nacho toppings all baked on a large baking sheet.

Switch up these sheet pan chicken nachos by using your family's favorite toppings or leave a section plain for picky eaters.


– Shredded Chicken – BBQ Sauce – Tortilla Chips – Shredded Cheddar – Red Onion

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. In a bowl, combine the shredded chicken with the barbecue sauce. Set aside.


Arrange tortilla chips on a large sheet pan. Top with 1 cup of cheese followed by the shredded chicken.


Sprinkle some of the red onion and diced tomato over the cheese. Top with the remaining cheese.


Place the sheet pan in the oven and cook for 10-15 minutes until the cheese is melted.


Remove the pan from the oven, top with the remaining red onion and diced tomato. Sprinkle with chopped cilantro and some jalapeño slices.


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