Air Fryer  Shrimp Tacos

This tasty Air Fryer Shrimp Tacos recipe is an irresistible fusion of crispy shrimp, spicy seasoning and fresh flavors.

The shrimp is cooked to a golden brown and paired with a creamy avocado sauce to bring excitement to a simple dinner for your busy weeknights.


– Wild-caught Shrimp – Paprika – Chili Powder – Avocado – Lime

Combine the shrimp with the spices, lime juice and olive oil in a bowl.


Air fry the shrimp at 400 degrees F for 8 minutes.


While the shrimp is cooking, add all of the crema ingredients aside from the water to a food processor or high-speed blender and blend until smooth.


Heat the tortillas over the flame of a gas stove for 15–30 seconds per side until slightly charred. You can also warm the tortillas in a skillet or in the microwave for about 1 minute.


Assemble the tacos by adding the lettuce to a tortilla, top with 4-5 shrimp then some pico de gallo and drizzle with the crema.


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